Michael Mansfield QC lost his daughter, Anna, to suicide

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 09:55:00 BST

It was only then that he became aware of the stigma and taboo surrounding the subject

THE impact of his lost was almost palpable.  However, it was only whilst grieving for his daughter that Michael Mansfield began to realise the level of stigma and shame that surrounds suicide, which is felt by so many people every day. 

As a consequence, Michael and his partner Yvette Greenway created SOS Silence of Suicide as a catalyst to open discourse and disperse the apprehensions society wraps around the subject of suicide and mental health.  SOS offers hope to those who have experienced suicide or those who have suicidal feelings. 

An SOS Silence of Suicide event was held at University of Huddersfield in March 2017 and the event attracted a large audience.  

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