Gemma Lamb on BBC Look North with her mealworm bread

Mon, 08 Jun 2015 15:21:00 BST

Huddersfield student Gemma Lamb...

...recently won the Institute of Food and Technology's North of England Young Scientist Competition.  Shortly after BBC Look North came to the University to film Gemma making her mealworm bread and consequently took some back to the studio for the presenters to taste. 

UNIVERSITY of Huddersfield food science student Gemma Lamb has tickled the tastebuds of veteran BBC presenter Harry Gration – by making him scoff insects on live TV! 

Gemma, aged 22, is a winner of the Institute of Food Science and Technology’s North of England Young Scientist Competition.  She scooped the award after conducting research into the use of protein-packed mealworms – actually the larva of a beetle – as in an ingredient in bread

After giving a presentation – which included the panel of judges sampling her ‘mealworm’ bread – she was announced as a winner.  Prizes include £200 cash and a year’s free membership of the IFST. 

BBC TV’s “Look North”, based in Leeds was intrigued by Gemma’s project and despatched reporter Spencer Stokes to the University of Huddersfield, where he interviewed the student, sampled her flat bread with added mealworms and then took it out and about in the town centre, trying to tempt shoppers – with mixed results. 

The reporter also spoke to Gemma’s tutor, Dr Helen Martin, who said that insects were a great source of protein and other nutrients, and that we ought to eating more of them. 

After the filmed report – which concluded with Spencer Stokes chomping on a locust in the University of Huddersfield’s food science lab -  studio presenters Harry Gration and Amy Garcia were confronted with a bowl of mealworms and some of Gemma’s specially-baked bread.  Harry cheerfully chewed on an insect and Amy was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the bread.

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