David Godber, Group Chief Exec, Elmwood

Wed, 29 Jan 2014 16:07:00 GMT

Elmwood Chief Exec David Godber talks to students on Innovations in the Car Industry

The University’s School of Art, Design and Architecture welcomed leading brand design consultancy Elmwood’s Group Chief Executive to give a public lecture to its students. 

Elmwood acquired the Design Council’s former Deputy Chief Executive, David Godber, just under a year ago and he is a man passionate about design and role it can play in industry. 

The University has strong links with Elmwood, whose Chairman, Jonathan Sands, is a Visiting Professor of Innovation at the University. 

David, who has a background as an economist, spoke at the University to an invited group of 60 students from the 3D and Textiles subject areas in the School and it also included mechanical and electrical engineers.  His lecture and discussion was entitled Innovation in the Car Industry.  

David’s visit was organised as part of the ICE (Innovation and Creative Exchange) Project, which is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineers and aims at encouraging designers and engineers to work collaboratively. 

For many years, David enjoyed an illustrious career in the car industry, working for both Lotus and Audi and culminating as director of Nissan Design Europe. 

In the video interview above, he talks about his passion for design, why it should play a stronger role in industry and, with regard to his student presentation, why he feels that there has not been enough innovation in the car industry. 

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