Successful Ofsted inspection outcome

Thu, 15 Mar 2012 16:45:00 GMT

Initial teacher training was successfully inspected by Ofsted earlier this year. Our secondary teacher training was found to be good with outstanding features as was the further education training, whilst the primary teacher training courses were considered to be outstanding.

Here is a link to the inspection report on the Ofsted website.

Overall, Ofsted found that these were particular features of the University and its initial teacher training programmes:

  • the outstanding use of human and physical resources, including staff development and professional formation, which aids understanding and learning by staff, trainees and their learners
  • the oustanding anticipation of, preparation for and response to national and local changes which benefit staff, trainees and partner institutions
  • very competent managers and very dedicated staff who model good practice and promote trainees' progress
  • very effective academic and pastoral support which motivate more able trainees and sustain the involvement of those trainees at risk.

The Dean of the School of Education and Professional Development, Professor Christine Jarvis said; 'We were delighted by the outcome of our Ofsted inspection. It is a tribute to the excellence of our staff, our students  and our many partners in primary, secondary and further education. It is a clear endorsement of the quality of teacher education at this University that sits alongside our superb position in the National Student Survey, and in The Guardian League Tables.'

Dr Roy Fisher, Head of Department, Initial Teacher Education, School of Education and Professional Development, said of the result; "These results are a strong endorsement of what we already knew about the excellent initial teacher education work for the Primary, Secondary and Lifelong Learning sectors of education that is undertaken by the University's School of Education and Professional Development.  They confirm the high quality, not only of the work undertaken by the School, but also by our many partner schools and colleges, and, of course, by the trainee teachers who go on to enrich the profession."

Dr Lesley-Anne Pearson, Course Leader for the secondary teacher training courses said; ‘The secondary course has made great progress since the last inspection in 2009 and we were extremely pleased with the grades given; good with outstanding features. We are particularly proud on the comments made on the key strengths of the course.’ These are:

  • highly personalised training programmes that are adapted very effectively to meet the individual needs of trainees and support them to complete their training successfully
  • the high level of coherence between the professional and subject-specific courses and the timeliness of the assignments, so that trainees make good progress
  • excellent resources, both material and human, that are used effectively and highly efficiently across the partnership to support trainees’ good and improving outcomes
  • excellent relationships between all partners in the training and easy communication followed by speedy responses when needed, leading to high levels of trainees’ satisfaction
  • the excellent links members of the partnership have with national networks that enable them to have a very good ability to foresee future needs and plan effectively for them.

 ‘We believe that this reflects the course well and shows how well we are working with the community in preparing our future teachers.’

Other sections of the report include the strength of subject enhancement, trainee satisfaction levels, excellent resources, carefully chosen placements and the effective promotion of equality.

The following comments are taken from the report:

Subject enhancement is a strong feature of the training, building on thorough identification of need with timely interventions.

Trainees are very satisfied with the course, which provides them with an appropriate range of experiences and complementary school experiences.

The effective, efficient and generous use made of a wide range of resources has a beneficial impact on trainees and on partnership schools, their staff and pupils. Excellent facilities at the university replicate the classroom environment, supporting the development of trainees who are confident and comfortable in their teaching areas. Resources can be borrowed for use in placements, supporting the link between the theoretical university-based input and trainees’ in-school practice. Trainees have very good access to information and communication technology and easy access to resources and additional support services in the university.

The provider attracts applications from under-represented groups successfully and recruits above-average numbers of trainees from minority ethnic backgrounds. Highly personalised and effective support is provided for all trainees and the training promotes tolerance and understanding actively. University-wide strong systems in relation to equality and diversity matters mean that rigorous attention is paid to policy monitoring and development.

The partnership promotes equality of opportunity, values diversity and eliminates harassment and unlawful discrimination outstandingly well.

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