Students produce materials for nurseries

Tue, 01 Mar 2011 11:04:00 GMT

Students on the BA Childhood Studies course have been producing materials for use in early years settings… and improving their employment prospects…

Denise Chadwick, Course Leader, explains: ‘The third year students take a module called ‘Principles into Practice’ where they have to design a resource that can be used by people working in early years to aid children’s learning and development. The students are developing practical new ideas and improving their employment prospects. They get real experience which also benefits the sector. We have employers involved in the course in various ways, which helps us keep things up to the minute.’

She explained the background to three of the current projects.

Childrens books on sign language For one project the student was working with a setting who had children who had communication problems. A pack has been produced to train staff in the setting to use British Sign Language and another, Makaton, to help them communicate with the children. The pack includes information and pictures of useful signs for words and the alphabet and some relevant books.

Sensory basket made by a student A second project is for babies of six months to use all their senses to explore. The ‘Treasure Basket’ includes items that they can feel, smell, touch and hit! Examples include a metal sink plug, balls of wool, hair rollers and a wooden spoon. Denise says she has seen it trialled with a young child who found it fascinating.

Teddy kit The third is ‘Oscar Bear’. Aimed at children of ages 5 to 6, the pack aims to develop personal, social and emotional skills in children. The bear is taken home to spend the weekend with the family. Parents are encouraged to record where the bear has been in a diary and adapt it into the child’s daily routine. On return to the nursery, staff read the diary to the children in their care and encourage the child to contribute and share what they have done. This also helps develop parent partnerships and for parents to understand the work of the early years setting.

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