Royal Visit to Accelerator Institute

HRH The Duke of York presents a certificate to Prof Roger Barlow on the occasion of his 1000th research paper HRH the Duke of York presents the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence to Professor Roger Barlow

Thu, 06 Jun 2013 16:07:00 BST

The Huddersfield International Institute for Accelerator Applications was pleased to host a visit by HRH The Duke of York on the 21st May 2013.

The Duke performed the official opening of MEIS (pronounced "mice"), the newly relocated national Medium Energy Ion Scattering service. This multi-million pound instrumentation will be used by researchers both at Huddersfield and from across the UK to investigate the surface structure and properties of crystalline materials.

His Royal Highness toured the accelerator facilities and spoke to researchers about their work.  The MEIS facility has moved to Huddersfield from Daresbury and is one of fewer than ten instruments worldwide which is capable of performing the technique.

As well as opening MEIS, Prince Andrew presented the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence to Professor Roger Barlow, who heads up the IIAA, in recognition of the publication of his 1000th research paper.

Professor Barlow joined the University in February 2011 as the latest chapter in a distinguished career which has encompassed particle physics experiments which led to the discovery of the gluon and working at CERN where he is a member of the Large Hadron Collider collaboration. He is a founder of the Cockroft Institute and the Thorium Energy Association and the National Particle Physics Masterclasses. He was the Principle Investigator of the CONFORM project which led to EMMA, the world’s first nsFFAG accelerator.

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