Responding to the threat of violent extremism; a Jubilee public l

Doctor Paul Thomas

Tue, 29 May 2012 10:38:00 BST

Britain is known to face a significant terrorist threat. 'Prevent' is part of the government's response, which involve preventative education activities which try to identify those most at risk of being attracted to violent terrorism and steer them in more positive directions. There have been negative points made about this response, including allegations that it is nothing more than clumsy surveillance on, and interference in, entire Muslim communities, whilst doing little to make Britain safer. The public lecture by Dr Paul Thomas will consider flaws and how policy attempts might be more effective.

The public lecture is being held at University Campus Oldham, Cromwell Street, Oldham at 6pm with refreshments served from 5.30pm. This is part of the Jubilee series of events being held at the University this year.



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