Pop-Up Art Event complements Huddersfield Contemporary Music Fest

Thu, 01 Nov 2012 10:49:00 GMT

Art and Design CertEd/PGCE (Lifelong Learning) teacher training students, for the third year running,  produced a pop-up art event to complement the renowned music festival held in Huddersfield.

The music performance they popped up to complement is ‘Remember Me’ by Claudia Molitor. The music performance was held on the evening of Monday 19 November and the Pop-Up was in the afternoon of the same day, in the Creative Arts Building on the Queensgate Campus. The event was open to the public.

“Remember Me …an intimate, miniature, multi-media opera staged in a desk. Inspired by an antique which the composer inherited from her grandmother, Remember Me tells the story of an imagined friendship between ill-fated opera heroines, Dido and Eurydice, on a tiny stage, with no singers. Complete with film, orchestral pit visit, live composition and a “Cinderella” ending, this playful and imaginative opera questions whether big really is better.”

The creative activities were themed around ideas concerned with memories, storytelling and identity, as well as looking at Greek mythology. As the opera was staged in a desk and then projected, the students also creatively explored the idea of life in miniature, lighting and projection. Music activities were also offered based around ideas of storytelling.

The music festival website can be found here and the website for the event here.

Photographs of the event can be found on the School of Education and Professional Development Facebook page.

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