Planting at Savile Park Primary

Mon, 28 Mar 2011 11:02:00 BST

Children's hands The Childhood Studies BA(Hons) has developed an approach to increasing the employability of graduates through inquiry-based practice learning in teams. This aims to sow the seeds of research and enterprise with our students and pupils in partner schools.

A small team of students work with a school on a change project identified by the school. Learning and developing as a member of a team offers a broad learning experience as students and pupils are able to build know-how across the whole school community and, importantly, in a useful context for creativity and enterprise.

Central is the development of employability skills including critical thinking. Student’s build upon work on change and project management with tutors and develop this into a cohesive change project with the pupils, staff and parents in a school placement setting.

Throughout students and pupils are encouraged to take account of research informed practice and the possibility of enterprising ideas.

One example of this is the group of students working with Savile Park Primary School in Halifax who, as part of the wider curriculum, are developing a garden for the pupils to grow their own plants and vegetables. The students worked with the head teacher as their client and through a project management approach have taken an idea through to fruition. There are now new raised vegetable beds at the school and our students and the pupils are now planting a variety of seeds. The project has been welcomed by everyone at the school with the Governing Body also taking an active part. The students will have provided a legacy to the school when their work is done.Children planting plants


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