Now Hear This!

Thu, 08 Sep 2011 16:33:00 BST


Now hear this...
Pictured... the University’s Dr Rupert Till (right) with BBC interviewer
Professor Jim Al-Khalili

The University’s Dr Rupert Till will be the main focus on BBC Radio 4 when broadcaster and physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates how the latest research in acoustics is helping us to recreate authentic sounds of the past.  The programme looks at the changing way we study history and experience tourist attractions, as well as how to improve the acoustic design of future buildings.

The programme will feature the ‘archaeo-acoustics’ work of the University’s Dr Rupert Till, which concentrates on the sound of a site and how it would have been used in the past.  Rupert describes how he has been able to recreate the sound of a ritual at Stonehenge four thousand years ago.  He also explains how the site’s acoustics are inspiring the design of modern outdoor concert venues.

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