New engineering professor cuts the NOx factor

Thu, 08 Sep 2011 13:26:00 BST

CURRENTLY engaged in research projects which are making a significant impact in the field of renewable energy, Indian-born Dr Rakesh Mishra has been appointed Professor at the University of Huddersfield, where he has been based since 2000.

A specialist in thermo-fluids, Professor Mishra’s work, much of it conducted with industrial partners, has taken him into many aspects of renewables, including a new approach to issues that arise with the use of biodiesel.

The problem addressed is that biodiesel, while one of the most promising renewable, alternative and environmentally-friendly biofuels, emits high concentrations of oxides of nitrogen known as NOx, which can be a serious pollutant in urban areas. Professor Mishra and his colleagues have experimented with a novel water injection system to reduce NOx emissions.

The results show that NOx emissions could be cut by 50 per cent with virtually no change in fuel consumption. This is expected to make the increased use of biodiesel in internal combustion engines more sustainable.

Professor Rakesh Mishra NOx Factor  


Professor Mishra’s paper entitled ‘Water injection effects on the performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine operating with biodiesel’ has recently been published by the journal Renewable Energy and is newly available online. It is jointly authored with University of Huddersfield colleagues Prof Andrew Ball, Dr Fengshou Gu and Dr Belachew Tesfa.

Professor Mishra also continues to work on projects designed to improve the efficiency of wind turbines, including a new method to monitor accurately any deterioration in their performance. This will enable turbines to operate at maximum efficiency and make a greater contribution to energy needs.

His collaborations with industry include several successful Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – and most recently an ongoing £180,000 project working on ‘Design and Development of Valves for difficult applications in the Energy Industry’ for Weir Valves and Controls Ltd, a leading company in the field.

Professor Mishra obtained his degrees from leading Indian universities, including the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Having become interested in flow science and technology while working on the construction site of a dam, he had begun his lecturing and research career when he was invited to join the University of Huddersfield by Professor Gary Lucas, a leading expert in the field of flow measurement.

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