Iodine Research Study seeks Volunteers

iodine droplet in water

Wed, 23 Jan 2013 11:33:00 GMT

Final year Nutrition and Biology students are collaborating on a research project which aims to find out whether people in the UK are consuming enough iodine in their diets.  Iodine is an important nutrient, but there is currently very little information available so the World Health Organisation's official statistics are blank for the UK.  Through this study we hope to be able to contribute data that could help to complete a picture of iodine consumption for the UK.

The students are looking for volunteers to take part by completing a lifestyle questionnaire and providing a small sample of urine.

If you are a woman aged between 18 and 41 or a man aged between 18 and 23 you may be eligible to take part in the research.  You can find more details and apply to take part on the Iodine Study website


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