Bursaries for Maths, English and SEN initial teacher training in

Fri, 02 Aug 2013 12:01:00 BST

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The University has just received confirmation that there will be some bursaries for a limited number of subjects in 2013/14. With the course due to start in September, there’s not much time to apply and get your place confirmed, so please, if this appeals to you, apply straight away!

The link to the government announcement can be found here.


Basically for ‘2013 and2014 entry graduates will get funding towards their initial teacher training:

  •   Maths graduates could be eligible for £20,000
  •   Those wishing to teach English could be eligible for £9,000
  •   Those who want to specialise in teaching SEN students will be eligible for £9,000’


We believe that this will only be for anyone training before they start teaching.

If it works as in previous years, then we will be able to arrange for eligible trainees to receive the bursary when they start the course – trainees won’t need to do anything.

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