Hudds pharmacist represents UK at International Congress

Hudds pharmacist represents UK at International Congress

Thu, 25 May 2017 10:48:00 BST

Dr Mahendra Patel was invited by the Morocco's National Council of Pharmacists to speak at the country’s 3rd International Congress 

Hudds pharmacist represents UK at International Congress MOROCCO'S National Council of Pharmacists was so impressed with the work of the University of Huddersfield’s Dr Mahendra Patel he was invited by their President, Dr Souad Motaouakkil, to represent the UK’s entire pharmacy profession at the country’s International Congress in the presence of senior government officials and pharmacy leaders from fifteen Arab and African countries.  

The invitation to present at Morocco’s 3rd International Congress came after senior officials praised Dr Patel’s talk at the 24th Congress of the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists (OPL) in Beirut, Lebanon, entitled: Advancing pharmacist’s role: Together we can make a difference.  

In their invitation, they said: “To strengthen the role of the pharmacist as a health practitioner, according to the recommendations from the World Health Organisation and the International Pharmaceutical Federation, we need pioneering experience, including that of the UK, as advocacy with the public authorities and parliament, the interest that has been brought to your brilliant presentation by the various countries present and their enthusiasm for a future collaboration with your profession and its organisation”. 

Dr Patel’s presentation emphasised the support and guidance offered by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) to its pharmacist members through a well-structured programme of continuous personal, professional and clinical development across sectors and at all levels. 

Hudds pharmacist represents UK at International Congress He also introduced and explained the various national campaigns the RPS are supporting in helping to shape the future of the pharmacy profession.  This included the most recent one of how pharmacists can help in the effective management of long-term conditions such as diabetes. 

‌A question and answer session took place at the end with many wanting to know how they could help their profession in their own countries. 

Dr Patel said: “The Algerian Pharmacy Council Vice-President Dr Mettioui Noureddin was one that in particular stood out among others as found it difficult to restrain his enthusiasm and made a very vocal and open request asking: “Can we have Dr Patel not for two days but for three months to help our profession in its practice?” 

‌Hundreds of pharmacy professionals together with leaders from the Arab and African world attended Morocco’s 3rd International Congress to exchange professional knowledge and experience.  Royal dignitaries and policymakers were also in attendance to address the pressing need to improve industry standards.   

Some of the problems faced by the government officials, as noted by Dr Patel from his visit to Lebanon include “relatively little and ineffective implementation of legislation relating to the practice of pharmacy, conservative prima facie consideration for patient safety, nor any evidence of structured continuous professional development”. 

Dr Patel witnessed similar problems in some Arab countries with one being no regulatory need for continuous education.  

Hudds pharmacist represents UK at International Congress In his role as a board member of the RPS, Dr Patel regularly presents at meetings around the world to showcase the UK’s best standards in pharmacy practice.  He also talks about the RPS accredited programmes which awards pharmacists professional recognition throughout their career pathway whilst ensuring the service they offer is of the highest quality.  

The UK’s pharmacy industry is highly-regarded as being world-leading for its industry standards and more countries in the African and Arab world have requested Dr Patel to showcase the UK pharmacy profession and the RPS at their respective national pharmacy conferences. 

Morocco's National Council of Pharmacists are meeting with their country's Minister of Health, Dr Houcine El Ouardi, to discuss the recommendations following the Congress meeting, including how to take on board some of the first class standard of support offered to pharmacists in the UK. 

Dr Patel said: “This is really encouraging and uplifting to be able to inspire so many countries through their pharmacy leaders by showcasing our UK standards and practice at a time when the pharmacy profession and its members are facing difficult times through cuts and workforce constraints.” 

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