CROS and PIRLS Surveys

Wed, 10 May 2017 10:51:00 BST

Staff are encouraged to complete the CROS (Careers in Research Online Survey) and the PIRLS (Principal Investigators and Research Leaders Survey).

These will close at midnight on Monday 15 May.

The two surveys run parallel to each other but you should only complete the one which fits your role. You should complete PIRLS if you are personally responsible (in your role, even if not currently) for the management of research staff and/or the formal supervision of postgraduate researchers. You should complete CROS if you are primarily employed to conduct research but are not personally responsible for the management of research staff or supervising PGRs.

The results will be used by institutions and research funding bodies to understand researcher careers and to inform actions within the institution, the sector, and among research funders. Your input and contribution, and that of your colleagues is therefore very important and highly valued and appreciated.

To find more information and complete the surveys please visit the below websites.

PIRLS website - use the password Potatoes

CROS website - use the password Carrots

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