Change to Admissions and Records Office

Wed, 31 May 2017 10:56:00 BST

As you may be aware we have conducted a review of the work of the current Admissions and Records Office (ARO).  The outcome of this has resulted in significant changes for that team and the current ARO will be closing on 31 May to allow the University to build on their achievements and further enhance the service provided to enquirers, applicants, students, staff and others who engage with them. 

From 1 June student records and the ASIS support will be part of Financial Services and Admissions will be part of Marketing, Communications and Student Recruitment.  Staff will not be moving from their current offices immediately as there is a need to undertake some building work to accommodate the changes.

From 1 June admissions queries should be directed to 2625 or email and queries regarding current students should be directed to 3330 or email  At the same time Planning and Information Services (PINS) will become part of the VCO (though this team will not be moving offices).

  • Sarah Elstub is the new Student Recruitment Manager and can be contacted on 3352
  • Cheryl Morley is the new Student Records Manager and can be contacted on 3057
  • Yvonne Whiting will be overseeing ASIS support and can be contacted on 3718 though general support queries should be directed to 2255 or email .
  • PINS details do not change

During the first few months of the change staff will be covering for several vacancies in each team so please do be patient with our colleagues whilst they settle into their new roles and establish their new teams.

Professor Tim Thornton

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

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