Input to New Zealand National challenges

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 12:42:00 BST

Professors Dilanthi Amaratunga & Richard Haigh were invited to provide expert input at the National Science Challenge Workshop on “Resilience to Nature’s Challenges”, that was held at the 6th International Building Resilience Conference 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand, from 7-9th of September, 2016.

Key discussions were built around:

  • A Resilient Auckland; themes from the National Science Challenge; Resilience in Practice
  • Resilient Cities in Practice;
  • Thematic Discussion (What does resilience mean for Auckland? How do we progress resilience in Auckland in the context of: Business; Infrastructure; Communities and Governance );
  • What are the key urban stresses, strains and risks for infrastructure; business; Communities; Governance;
  • What are the main impacts?; What are the key resilience strategies for minimising/mitigating impacts?; and
  • How would key resilience strategies be measured and what is the data required.

Resilience to Nature’s Challenges

The 2015-2019 research programme for Resilience to Nature’s Challenges, National Science Challenge (RNC) applies ~ $4.5 million/yr (including contestable research) toward ten programs, working toward the vision that: New Zealand is a nation of people who have transformed their lives, enterprises and communities to anticipate, adapt and thrive in the face of ever-changing nature’s challenges.

Prof Suzanne Wilkinson who led the workshop explained: “Resilience-specific technical solutions will be developed via “Toolboxes” and applied in a matrix across the greatest-priority areas of engagement with New Zealand in co-creation laboratories”.

National Science Challenge Workshop was organised by  Urban Resilient Cities Programme – NSC Resilience to Nature’s Challenges.

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