Huddersfield Weather Watch – August 2016


Fri, 30 Sep 2016 10:01:00 BST

An average August

flower THE temperatures for August were slightly above average; rainfall was below average.  All the average figures are those recorded since 1990 from the School of Applied Sciences weather station.

The monthly mean temperature was 17.07˚C (average 16.78˚C) making it the second warmest August in the past 12 years.  The warmest day of the month was Tuesday 23rd with an average temperature of 22˚C; the highest maximum temperature of 28.4˚C was also recorded on this day.  The coldest day of the month was Tuesday 9th with an average temperature of 14.1˚C.  The lowest minimum temperature of 8.5˚C was recorded on Sunday 14th.

A total of 58.8mm of rainfall was recorded during the month (average 68.2mm).  The wettest day of the month, receiving 18.4% of the month’s total, was Thursday 25th with 10.8mm of rain.  The driest spell was Sunday 28th to Wednesday 31st.

The mean wind speed for the month was 10.87km/hr.  The highest mean wind speed was Wednesday 3rd with 23.04km/hr.  The highest gust of wind for the whole month was 89.64km/hr recorded on Saturday 6th.

The prevailing wind direction for the month was south west.

Julie Walker
Resource Centre and Environmental Technician
School of Applied Sciences‌

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