Ahmed El-Said receives award for Best Presentation

Researchers at the ELA PhD Workshop – Tarek pictured far right, centre row.

Fri, 09 Sep 2016 10:08:00 BST

We are delighted to announce that Ahmed El-Said (Tarek), one of our PhD students looking at sustainable supply chains, has been awarded ‘Best Presentation’ in The European Logistics Association (ELA) PhD workshop.

The annual ELA PhD workshop took place at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria and is funded by the Küehne Foundation. The ELA invite lecturers in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to propose one doctoral student from their University to contribute to the workshop. Only 20 students are chosen from a large selection of universities in Europe, and they are asked to prepare a short paper and a presentation. The paper includes a description of the project, research objectives, methodology, expected results, and a list of references, along with a supporting proposal.

As part of the workshop, students present to the Chairman Professor Pietro Evangelista and event organiser Professor Tina Wakolbinger, as well as two other experienced logistics professors. Tarek’s presentation looks at the effect of product design modularity on sustainable supply chain management.

Other candidates came from universities all over Europe, including Italy, Germany and Finland, allowing students to establish a valuable network of contacts.

The ELA Research Committee awarded Tarek the best presentation in the ELA workshop this year. 

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