Uni recognised for work to help careers of researchers


Thu, 03 Mar 2016 10:05:00 GMT

The EC’s HR Excellence in Research award recognises the work of universities in “improving conditions for researchers”

Julie McClelland THE University of Huddersfield has retained the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research award following a four-year review. 

The award recognises the work undertaken by universities in the UK and in Europe to provide good working conditions for researchers.

The report by the review team includes details of the University’s progress, including the “major achievement” of moving the majority of research staff on to open-ended contracts, ensuring greater security of employment to enhanced recruitment and retention of staff. 

The goal is to move 75 per cent of researchers on to open-ended contracts and this figure has almost been reached, confirmed the University’s Director of Human Resources, Julie McClelland (pictured).  The figure is well ahead of the norm in the sector.

The external reviewers, in recommending that that the award should be retained, commented that “there was strong evidence of a  robust internal review and development process relating to implementing the principles of the Concordat to Supporting the Career Development of Researchers, and that tangible progress had been made”.

The reviewers also wrote that they were “impressed by the apparent progress made in training recruitment panels, and improving the usefulness of appraisals”.  The team also felt that “the future strategic focus was appropriate” and it welcomed “the focus on enhancing career development support”.

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