Embassy official attends Uni’s Kuwaiti National Day


Tue, 08 Mar 2016 11:02:00 GMT

Dr Fawzan Alfares, Head of the Cultural Office at the Kuwaiti Embassy in London, was the special guest at the event organised by the University’s Kuwaiti Student Society

Professor Dave Taylor, Dr Fawzan Alfares, Suliman Alsarawi and Alan Tobi ► Dr Alfares (second left) is pictured with the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, International, Professor Dave Taylor (left) and International Student Experience Manager Alan Tobi (right) with Kuwaiti Student Society Vice-President Suliman Alsarawi.

OVER 500 students from around the world helped the Kuwaiti Student Society celebrate their National Day in style, along with special guest the Head of the Cultural Office from the Kuwaiti Embassy in London, Dr Fawzan Alfares.

Everyone came to together to celebrate Kuwaiti’s Independence which was decided in 1961 under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem.  Abdullah’s reign was so central to the evolution of modern Kuwait that when he died in 1965, the date on which he had ascended the throne in 1950 (February 25) was designated National Day.

The festivities began with the Kuwaiti national anthem followed by a special video demonstrating the memorable moments experienced at last year’s celebrations.  Dr Alfares presented certificates and gifts at the celebration, which was open to staff and students, with traditional food, singing and dancing on offer.

Kuwait Co-organiser of the student society events held on campus is the University’s International Student Experience Manager Alan Tobi and he believes these events to be vital to the inclusion of the University’s international students.

“The University prides itself on providing a world-class student experience,” said Alan Tobi, “and these events provide a platform for a natural inclusion of our British and international students to learn from one another’s cultures and develop friendships,” he said.

There are currently 80 Kuwaiti students studying at Huddersfield and in 2015, the University opened a Middle East office situated in Abu Dhabi.  Here, prospective students can find help on how to choose the right programme of study at the University of Huddersfield as well as support with the application process.

This year was the second time the Kuwaiti Society has held National Day celebrations and plans are already being put forward for a third.

The event also saw attendance from the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, International, Professor Dave Taylor, Director of International Development Andrew Mandebura and International Officer Middle East and South Asia, Matt Christie.

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