Design for Social Responsibility

Thu, 03 Mar 2016 01:50:00 GMT

All staff and students are invited to attend the guest lecture “Design for Social Responsibility: A Natural Education Modelon Tuesday 8 March at 5.15pm to 6.15pm in room W1/67, West Lecture Theatre Building.

This lecture will examine the meaning of “design for social responsibility” and discuss how this can be integrated into the curriculum in a positive way that is engaging for students.

The lecture will be given by Professor B Olshin, Director of the School of Design and Professor of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, and Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

To find out more please contact Carlo Fabricatore by email: or by telephone at 01484 473599.

About the lecture:

The idea of teaching design with an eye towards social responsibility or social impact is not new. There are a number of design programs in institutions of higher learning with titles such as “Design for Social Impact” (University of the Arts, Philadelphia) and “Design for Social Innovation” (School of Visual Arts, New York). These programs are based on the idea that students can learn design in the context of bringing about social change on both a local and global scale. The philosophy therein comprises using design tools, particularly systems engineering to address problems in everything from empowering people with disabilities to creating a local food source. However, teaching students about the solution of social challenges through design thinking can be done even without customized programs or even customized courses.

In the teaching of subjects from gaming to political philosophy, elements of social responsibility can be incorporated into lessons and projects in a natural way, with no special modification of syllabi. 

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