Bahrain MBA graduates promoted to senior posts at aluminium giant


Wed, 02 Mar 2016 10:34:00 GMT

Alba The University of Huddersfield is the sole European university to work with Alba, the world’s largest aluminium company

‌A SUCCESSION of employees of one of the world’s largest and most ambitious aluminium companies – Bahrain-based Alba (Aluminium Bahrain) – have had their skills and qualifications boosted at the University of Huddersfield.  Now, an increasing number of them are being appointed to important managerial posts with the firm.

The latest promotions are Khalid Ahmed Shareef and Mohammed A. Rahim Zainal (both pictured below), both of whom started work at Alba in the 1990s and later came to the University of Huddersfield to acquire their Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualifications.

In line with the aluminium smelting giant’s policy of internal promotion, it was announced recently that the two men have been awarded key managerial positions.

Khalid Ahmed Shareef and Mohammed A. Rahim Zainal “It is also a tribute to the close link between Alba and the University,” said Matt Christie, who is who the University’s International Officer for the Middle East and South Asia.  “This is the third year we have had this relationship with the firm and by the close of this year we will have graduated about 15 Alba employees.”

The relationship between Alba and the University originated at an event at the British Embassy in Bahrain and has been carefully fostered, said Mr Christie.  He and some of his International Office colleagues have has paid several visit to Alba, which has made Huddersfield the sole UK University to which it despatches employees.  They come to study for a variety of degrees and qualifications in subjects that include business and engineering.

“It is a collaborative approach,” added Mr Christie.  “Several of our senior academics have gone out to Bahrain and delivered seminars.”

Elena Nikoulina, Mahmood Aziz, Tim Murray, Khalid Sharif and Matt ChristieThe University's Elena Nikoulina and Matt Christie (far right) are pictured (l-r) with Alba's Mahmood Aziz, CEO Tim Murray and Khalid Sharif.

The Chief Executive of Alba is American-born Tim Murray.  When the latest round of promotions was announced, he explained his policy on internal promotion and educational opportunities.

“We believe in developing talented nationals by providing them with the necessary training and education which will translate into a successful, strategic leadership model for the company.  The new managers have extensive expertise in the respective fields and bring a business mind-set through their MBA training.  I am confident that they will bring continued success to Alba,” said Mr Murray.

In 2014, the CEO paid his own fact-finding visit to Huddersfield, where he met Alba employees who are studying at the University and inspected key facilities.  He also held talks with Professor David Taylor, who is the University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor, International.

The firm, founded as Aluminium Bahrain in the 1960s, is now one of the largest in the field of aluminium smelting, but it has links with just three universities around the world.  Huddersfield is the sole institution in Europe that provides staff development to Alba employees.

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