Students get head start with Huddersfield engineering firm

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 10:30:00 BST

A Huddersfield based engineering firm is offering students a great head start in their careers.

Alco Valves who design, test, manufacture and market industrial products worldwide, is committed to developing student talent through their year-long Placement Scheme.  The scheme is designed to provide University of Huddersfield students with their first step into future careers through practical industry experience. Placement students make a real impact in the company through a variety of projects which boost their experience and employability skills.


Engineering Placement - Noah Noah Banienuba, on placement at Alco Valves

Alco currently employs 3 students from the University of Huddersfield including International Business BA(Hons) student, Noah Banienuba. Noah joined the company in November in the role of Marketing & Media Development Assistant. He describes his experience as "an opportunity other companies couldn’t offer - a chance to gain knowledge about a field I am passionate about". He went on to describe how; "Alco helped me to develop new skills including photography. I have also worked alongside different departments from the shop floor to Senior Managers and Directors developing the ability to communicate professionally".


Engineering Placement - Lewis Lewis Pope, External Sales Engineer at Alco Valves

Not only committed to the development of students, they have also offered full-time jobs to graduates. Lewis Pope undertook his placement year at Alco in 2012 after which he continued working with the company part-time. After graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a business degree in 2014 he was appointed as External Sales Engineer. Lewis believes that "The placement at Alco was a good career progression path providing me with support I needed."


Engineering Placement - Katie Katie Anderton, Internal Sales Representative at Alco Valves

Katie Anderton is also a business graduate from University of Huddersfield who after undertaking her placement at Alco has secured herself a full-time role as an Internal Sales Representative. She comments about her time there by saying that "As a business student I was eager to get a taste of the industry and that is exactly what Alco gave me. I worked alongside experienced members of staff who gave me training I needed to advance into the position I am in now."



Damien Archer, Alco’s IT & Communications Manager commented on the Placement Scheme, saying that "It is incredibly refreshing to get students in who can apply a fresh and bold approach on things whilst providing new ideas, and sometimes seeing things from a completely different angle." He adds that "their time at a placement will always help them find work with far more success as all employers know that a postgraduate with extensive work experience is by far a more desirable candidate."

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