Printing Services

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 10:00:00 BST

August and September is a very busy time for Printing Services.

The team does its best each year to ensure all work is returned on time, but to help them to deliver an even better service this year, they would like to ask if you could send your work in now.

If you have any printing jobs ready, or are able to get them ready sooner rather than later, please send them in before the August rush.

This is a quiet time for Printing Services at the moment, so while they have the spare capacity on the machines, they are able to start printing your jobs sooner, so that everyone is guaranteed their print in good time.

If delivery and storage are an issue for you, please let them know and they can arrange storage of your job in Printing Services until the delivery date requested.

Printing Services would also like to say thank you to everyone for your continued custom and support over the years, and hope they may continue to provide you with the excellent service you deserve.

Printing Services are now located in the Queen Street Building, opposite the Faith Centre.

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