New building names on campus

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 02:00:00 BST

The University has renamed some of the buildings around campus.  To celebrate our 175 Anniversary we have named these buildings after renowned figures who have a connection to the University or the region.

Some room numbers will change in this process to provide a better numerical flow of numbers. Full details are available here: University Building Renaming

The following changes have been made:

Central Services Building will become The Schwann Building – Room prefixes will change from CS_/01 to SB_/01

Human and Health Research Building will become The Edith Key Building – Room prefixes will change from HHRB_/01 to EK_/01

Milton Building will become The Sir Patrick Stewart Building – Room prefixes will change from MB_/01 to PS_/01

West Lecture Theatres will become The Bronte Lecture Theatres – Room prefixes will change from W_/01 to BL_/01

West Building and Science Building will merge and become The Joseph Priestley Building – Room prefixes will change from W_/01 and X_/01 to JP_/01.

As this is a merge of two buildings, any rooms in the former West Building will start from JP_/01 and anything above JP_/60 will be found in the former Science Building.

Please note that in order to make the floors of the two buildings align the former Science Basement (XB) will now be known as Ground Floor (JPG).

There will be a new ‘name board’ explaining more about each of these figures in the building that bears their name.  You can also find this information on our 175 Anniversary website. 

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