Huddersfield Weather Watch – October 2016


Fri, 09 Dec 2016 08:20:00 GMT

Low rainfall in October means third driest

leaves TEMPERATURES for the month were just slightly below average and very low rainfall meant it was the third equal driest October since our records began.  The average figures are those recorded since 1990 from the Applied Sciences weather station.

The monthly mean temperature was 10.94˚C compared to the average figure for October of 11.1˚C.  The warmest day of the month was Tuesday 4th with an average temperature of 14.6˚C; the highest maximum figure of 19.0˚C was also recorded on this day.  The coldest day of the month was Sunday 23rd with an average temperature of 7.9˚C.  The lowest minimum temperature of 3.2˚C was recorded on Sunday 2nd

A total of just 30.4mm of rainfall was recorded during the month making it the third driest October (equal with 2007) since 2003.  The wettest day of the month was Wednesday 12th with 5.4mm of rain (17.8% of the month’s total).  Twelve days of the month escaped rainfall.

The mean wind speed for the month was 9.25km/hr.  The highest mean wind speed was 20.88km/hr recorded on Thursday 6th.  The maximum gust for the month was 80.28km/hr recorded on Thursday 6th.

The prevailing wind direction was south west.

Julie Walker
Resource Centre and Environmental Technician
School of Applied Sciences‌

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