Cutting edge media room unveiled at University of Huddersfield.

Mon, 12 Dec 2016 10:29:00 GMT

‌Opened on 1 September, the £250,000 development in the Journalism and Media building gives students the chance to experience working in a real newsroom. Built over the summer, this newsroom allows our students to broadcast news on multiple platforms with a TV studio built in, a radio studio close by and space for 40 students to work collaboratively.

The newly developed newsroom incorporates the TV station, radio and computer systems allowing students to use industry level resources to follow real stories. Plasmas allow journalists to beam in live news channels to keep up to date on what is happening around them. The TV studio, with professional standard equipment, allows them to plan and broadcast quickly and easily.

Since opening the new facility, students from our Broadcast and Sports Journalism courses have run Newsdays - whole days following and reporting on local stories on multiplatform news outlets. Broadcast Journalism student, Kat Thomson, explained “We report on all local up to date news, anything from the weekend onwards. We use it as a professional newsday, radio programmes going out by the hour, alongside web stories and news bulletins. Doing newsdays are great experience as it gives you a taste of what an actual newsroom is like. We find our own stories, go out to get the information and produce them on multiple platforms. It's good experience for the future because Newsdays set you up for the working world. Every day is like that in Radio and TV.”

Senior lecturer David Davenport said “Their job is to go out to find local news, video and audio for news and radio broadcasts. As the days go on the stories change and our students can follow that. It is recreating real life, making the students industry-ready so they can step into a real newsroom and not feel out of depth.”

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