Welcome to Dr Nathan Patmore

Dr Nathan Patmore

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:26:00 BST

The Department of Chemical & Biological Sciences is pleased to welcome Dr Nathan Patmore. Dr Patmore originally studied for his BSc in Chemistry at the University of Bath, graduating in 1999, and stayed in Bath to conduct research toward his PhD in the group of Dr Andrew Weller. After completing his PhD Nathan went over to the United States to carry out research on electron transfer reactions in metal-metal multiply bonded systems working with Prof Malcolm Chisholm at Ohio State University.

Nathan returned to the UK in 2005 with a Ramsay Memorial Research Fellowship hosted by the University of Sheffield. In 2006, he was awarded a highly prestigious University Research Fellowship by the Royal Society. Nathan has now moved to join the Inorganic Chemistry team here in Huddersfield and brings with him his two PhD students, Sam Ring and Luke Wilkinson.

Nathan’s research interest primarily lie in the area of metal-metal multiply bonded complexes, which typically consist of a dimetal core surrounded by four bridging ligands in a “paddlewheel” arrangement. Such compounds have potential applications in a diverse range of fields such as functional materials, molecular electronics and small molecule activation.

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