EMERGE Research Seminar, Vivid Argarini

Fri, 25 Oct 2013 16:34:00 BST

Vivid Argarini

The Emerging Markets Research Group was pleased to welcome Vivid Argarini, CEO & Editor At large, ANEKA YESS! MAGAZINE & KEREN BEKEN TABLOID in Indonesia. Vivid talked to the EMERGE group about her role in Leading two important aspects of the media business including editorial as well as commercial.

With the rise of the digital era, the challenges facing print media businesses to think, create, stand still and be brave have never been greater. Print media is now facing major challenges requiring them to be continuously creative in order to survive in this highly competitive, digital era. Such creativity has involved strategically enhancing relations with stakeholders, such as brand owners, in order to support events and engagement activities through which messages are conveyed to readers. 

Vivid Argarini

Throughout her presentation, Vivid shared several examples on how the ANEKA YESS! MAGAZINE reached out to its readers’ community in creative ways that developed and maintained positive and strong relations, while supporting the image of the magazine to make the print media even bigger. The seminar was concluded with interactive discussions that highlighted the objectives of this seminar.

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