Helen Gavin launches book, Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Fri, 29 Nov 2013 12:44:00 GMT

Dr Helen Gavin, Principal Lecturer in Criminal Psychology at the University has launched her new book which looks at criminal and forensic psychology, bringing real life case studies in line with psychological theory and relevance in the attempt to explain crime.

This practically relevant and engaging book takes the reader on a journey through the process of becoming a forensic psychologist, the psychological explanations of crime and criminal including homicide, theft, fraud, sexual crime and terrorism, to the endpoint of criminal justice.

The book is designed to support final-year students in Psychology who are taking modules in criminal psychology and also postgraduate students in forensic psychology or similar courses. It has also been written with the express intention of being another form of support to those embarking on research or practice careers, or those who are simply interested in the psychology of crime. Its scope is broader than simply forensic psychology and will support courses in other aspects of criminal psychology or criminology.

Helen teaches criminal, forensic and investigative psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level and also teaches advanced research methods, providing pivotal guidance, mentoring and direction to colleagues embarking on post-doctoral or post-professional qualifications within research.

The book has been described as 'a good review of the field of forensic psychology [that] will certainly help aspiring students with writing their essays and get excited as they do so. In a crowded world this one stands out.’ (Mike Berry)

The first chapter is available to read online and the book will be made available for purchase on 31 December 2013.

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