Dougie's Research is Front Page News

Dr Dougie Clarke

Wed, 06 Nov 2013 14:45:00 GMT

Dr Dougie Clarke’s research into Super Rats is front-page news in two national newspapers.

A process of genetic mutation has allowed some rats to become resistant to the posions used by pest controllers, making it difficult to control the rat population and remove infestations.  Dr Clarke’s research group has found that the mutated rats are spreading within the UK, with Sussex recently being added to the list of areas in which they have been found.  In some counties over 70% of the rats that the researchers tested had this mutation.

Newspaper Headlines - Rise of the mutant rats (Metro)  Invasion of the Mutant Killer Rats (Daily Star) Dr Clarke’s work was featured by the Daily Star and Metro newspapers, in which he highlighted salmonella and Weils disease as some of the risks potentially carried by rats, as well as problems caused by the rodents to electrical cables.

Although he recognises concerns about other animals and birds being poisoned as a result, Dr Clarke told Metro that he feels that introducing stronger poisons is the only solution, and he is confident that with careful control the poisoning of other animals can be kept to a minimum.  The Health and Safety Executive is in discussions about the introduction of these “second generation” poisons.

As well as his newspaper contributions, Dr Clarke is also taking part in interviews with BBC Radio stations including Coventry and Warwickshire, Radio Wales and Radio Leeds, and ABC News in America.

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