Deborah Examines Saturated Fat Claims

Dr Deborah Pufal

Mon, 04 Nov 2013 11:45:00 GMT

Nutrition and Health Course Leader Dr Deborah Pufal was featured in an article published by the Huddersfield Examiner in which she offered her expert opinions on the government’s initiative to reduce saturated fats in food.

In the article, part of the Examiner’s Talking Point series, Dr Pufal highlighted the growing problem of school leavers not having the skills to understand nutritional labels and make healthy choices, leading to a generation of children being brought up on processed foods.  In particular, she highlighted how some products marketed as being “low fat” can have high levels of sugar added to improve the flavour and “mouth feel”  so there is no significant reduction in calories overall.

The article, which also features comments from Marketing lecture David Harvey, can be read at the Examiner website.

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